Education Voucher Program

A portion of the remaining settlement funds are being made available to K-12 schools and post-secondary institutions to support students across Canada with access to new computer hardware, software, and related training.

The settlement funds will be distributed to educational institutions in three (3) stages.

The Preliminary Phase

The preliminary stage was activated in the Summer of 2022. Ten million dollars was distributed to a small number of selected institutions across Canada.

They were chosen based on region, language of instruction, and populations such as students that are low socioeconomic status, Indigenous, or new Canadians:

  • $5 million was distributed to 40 K-12 schools across Canada (including 12 in Quebec).
  • $5 million is being distributed to approximately 30 post-secondary institutions.

Instructions to Redeem Your Education Voucher

  1. K-12 and post-secondary schools in Canada selected for the preliminary phase of the Education Voucher Program can now submit an Education Voucher Redemption Form for a refund, for having purchased Approved Products for use in Canada, by using the unique and secure link provided by email.
  2. Complete the Online Education Voucher Redemption Form and upload all relevant electronic copies of the original receipts for the Approved Products you have purchased. Select the preferred method to receive your refund and submit your redemption application.
  3. The Claims Administrator will notify you once your redemption request has been reviewed and approved.
  4. After your redemption request has been approved, the Claims Administrator will issue an email voucher for the balance of your voucher, if applicable.
  5. Payments for redeemed vouchers will be sent by the Claims Administrator either by cheque OR by wire transfer, depending on the payment method that you select in the Online Education Voucher Redemption Form. Note that if the payment method that you select is:
    1. Cheque – you will need to confirm the payee’s full name (institution) and the mailing address to send the cheque to via regular mail.
    2. Wire Transfer – you will be required to provide the following information while completing the Online Education Voucher Redemption Form:
      1. Account Holder Name;
      2. Account Address;
      3. Account Number;
      4. Bank Name;
      5. Financial Institution Number (3 digits);
      6. Branch Transit Number (5 digits);
      7. Bank Swift Code or ABA Number;
      8. Bank Address;
      9. Confirmation that the bank can accept incoming funds in CAD dollars; AND
      10. Upload a letter from the bank confirming all of the info in i. to ix. Above OR a void cheque that includes the bank stamp.

If you have any questions or require assistance redeeming your voucher, please call us, toll-free, at 1-833-451-8815 from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST, except on holidays, or email us at

Stage 1

By June 30, 2022, Epiq will determine the amount of remaining funds available for educational institutions. We expect this amount to be in the tens of millions. Schools not selected for the Preliminary Phase, can participate in the Stage 1 phase.

Stage 2

By July 2025, there will potentially be a further amount of settlement funds to distribute educational institutions.



What proof of purchase do you need?

The proof of purchase must include a copy of the original receipt for the purchase of the Approved Products.

Institutions are not required to present a technology plan to use their vouchers.

Do we have to use our full voucher amount all at once?

No. If you submit valid proof-of-purchase for Approved Products adding up to less than the full voucher amount, Epiq will reimburse the institution for the purchases and issue a new voucher for the remaining balance.

What’s on the list of Approved Products?

Vouchers can be used to receive reimbursement for any of the following Approved Products:

  • Personal computers, laptops and other PC hardware, including peripheral devices such as keyboards, mice, cooling bases, LifeCams, LifeChat, Wireless Displays, and Wireless adapters (this does not need to be Microsoft hardware, but must be hardware that runs on Windows operating system – hardware that runs on Apple/iOS or Google/Android operating systems and any non-PC are not eligible);
  • Microsoft hardware (including Surface tablets, laptops and hubs);
  • Microsoft Windows;
  • Microsoft Azure;
  • Microsoft Productivity Suites (including Office 365 subscriptions, Dynamics 365 subscriptions, and constituents such as One Drive);
  • Microsoft Developer Tools;
  • Microsoft Enterprise Mobility (including Azure Active Directory, Azure Info Protection, Azure RemoteApp, Azure Rights Management, Cloud Application Security, Enterprises Mobility, and Security lntune Multifactor Authentication);
  • Microsoft Server Operating Systems (including Biztalk, Exchange, Health Solutions, SharePoint, SQL, and System Center); and
  • Other Microsoft Software (including Minecraft, Minecraft Education Edition, and Intune).

A complete list of approved products for K-12 schools is available here.

A complete list of approved products for post-secondary institutions is available here.

**Microsoft may add more products to this list.

Can an institution redeem eligible products that were not pre-approved before purchase?

The Claims Administrator has the discretion to approve reimbursements for Approved Products that were not pre-approved. Ineligible products will not be reimbursed.

Can an institution submit a list of intended purchases to the Claims Administrator for pre-approval all at once?

Yes. It is recommended that institutions submit a proposed list of intended purchases to the Claims Administrator for review before purchasing any products to be redeemed against their voucher, but it is not mandatory.

How can an institution submit their pre-approval request?

If you intend to purchase a product, but you are unsure if it is eligible for reimbursement, please contact the Claims Administrator at

Can an institution submit more than one pre-approval request?

Yes. You may submit several pre-approval requests for products not referenced in the list of Approved Products to the Claims Administrator for review.

Is there a deadline for an institution to submit a pre-approval request?

Pre-approval requests for products not referenced in the list of Approved Products may be submitted to the Claims Administrator for review at Schools who opt to submit a pre-approval request are encouraged to do so well in advance of the redemption deadline, June 30, 2028.

Can vouchers be used for professional development?

Institutions can also put part of their voucher amount toward professional development directly related to the new hardware and/or software. Microsoft-certified trainers will be available to provide training remotely or in-person where possible.

For the post-secondary institutions, this will include Microsoft software certification exams for students.

To ensure accessibility for all students, all Microsoft software now includes adaptive features and functionality for students with special needs.

What institutions cannot use vouchers for?

  • Vouchers cannot be used to cover the cost of substitute teachers.
  • Vouchers cannot be used for internet and bandwidth.
  • Vouchers cannot be used for any products running on Apple/iOS or Google/Android (including MacBooks and Chromebooks).
  • Purchases outside of the voucher redemption period.
    • for schools who received vouchers before October 30, 2022, the voucher redemption period is June 10, 2022 to June 30, 2028; and
    • for schools who received vouchers after October 30, 2022, the voucher redemption period is June 30, 2022 to June 30, 2028.
  • Vouchers cannot be sold or transferred.

Microsoft Blog Post

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