Important Updates

A settlement was reached with the defendants, and was approved by the British Columbia, Ontario and Qu├ębec Courts.

The claims period for consumer and Volume Licensee claims has now closed.

The cheques for the approved consumer payments were sent on August 24, 2022 via regular ground mail. Important: Requests to replace uncashed cheques must be received no later than March 1, 2023.

The vouchers for the approved Volume Licensee claims were issued via email on August 23, 2022. Volume Licensee Voucher amounts can be redemeed by using the unique and secure link provided in same email.

K-12 schools and post-secondary institutions in Canada selected for the preliminary phase of the Education Voucher Program can now submit an Education Voucher Redemption Form for a refund, for having purchased Approved Products for use in Canada, by using the unique and secure link provided by email.

K-12 schools in remote and/or underserved, low socio-economic status, with high Indigenous and/or new Canadian enrolment, and post-secondary institutions with under 5,000 FTE students are invited to submit applications until January 31, 2023.