Volume Licensee Voucher Redemptions & Transfers

The Volume Licensee Voucher redemption and transfer process is simple. Redeem your voucher amount online no later than May 16, 2025 by using the unique and secure link that was provided to you via email.

Important: Note that redemption requests must also be accompanied by a copy of the original receipt of the Approved Products.

Volume Licensee Voucher amounts may only be transferred up to two (2) times.

Please note that you will be notified by the Claims Administrator once your redemption or transfer request has been reviewed and processed.

Instructions to Redeem Your Volume Licensee Voucher

  1. Approved Volume Licensees must submit an Online Volume Licensee Voucher Redemption & Transfer Form, by using the unique and secure link provided by email.
  2. Complete the Online Volume Licensee Voucher Redemption & Transfer Form and upload all relevant electronic copies of the original receipts for the Approved Products you have purchased and submit your redemption or transfer request.
  3. The Claims Administrator will notify you once your redemption or transfer request has been reviewed and processed.
  4. After your redemption or transfer request has been processed, the Claims Administrator will notify you. If the Claims Administrator approves a redemption request, they will issue an email voucher for the balance of your voucher, if applicable.
  5. Payments for redeemed vouchers will be sent by the Claims Administrator by cheque. Note that you will need to confirm the payee’s full name (institution) and the mailing address to send the cheque to via regular mail.

If you have any questions or require assistance redeeming or transferring your voucher, please email us at Application@ThatSuiteMoney.ca – we monitor our emails daily, from Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST, except on holidays.


What proof of purchase do you need?

The proof of purchase must include a copy of the original receipt for the purchase of Approved Products.

Eligible products must have been purchased between May 14, 2022, and May 16, 2025.

Do we have to use our full voucher amount all at once?

No. If you submit valid proof-of-purchase for Approved Products adding up to less than the full voucher amount, the Claims Administrator will reimburse the Volume Licensee for the valid purchases and issue a new voucher for the remaining balance.

What’s on the list of Approved Products?

Vouchers can be used to receive reimbursement for any of the following Approved Products:

  • Personal computers, laptops and other PC hardware, including peripheral devices such as keyboards, mice, cooling bases, LifeCams, LifeChat, Wireless Displays, and Wireless adapters (this does not need to be Microsoft hardware, but must be hardware that runs on Windows operating system – hardware that runs on Apple/iOS or Google/Android operating systems and any non-PC are not eligible);
  • Microsoft hardware (including Surface tablets, laptops and hubs);
  • Microsoft Windows;
  • Microsoft Azure;
  • Microsoft Productivity Suites (including Office 365 subscriptions, Dynamics 365 subscriptions, and constituents such as One Drive);
  • Microsoft Developer Tools;
  • Microsoft Enterprise Mobility (including Azure Active Directory, Azure Info Protection, Azure RemoteApp, Azure Rights Management, Cloud Application Security, Enterprises Mobility, and Security lntune Multifactor Authentication);
  • Microsoft Server Operating Systems (including Biztalk, Exchange, Health Solutions, SharePoint, SQL, and System Center); and
  • Other Microsoft Software (including Minecraft, Minecraft Education Edition, and Intune).

A complete list of approved products for Volume Licensees is available here.

* Microsoft may add more products to this list.